Sunday, May 10, 2009


It has been a long journey north. All went relatively well and in a timely fashion, but my most unfavorite time of the year (transitioning) stretched through latitudes and time and people and shifts of consciousness, culminating in the place we truly call home, where our spirits feel so connected with our natural surroundings.
It seems as though with each transition, some of my thoughts and ponderings focus on how things have changed. In Mazatlan, its a little like a detective game...putting the picture you remember in your head next to what you see in front of your eyes after being away for 6 months. Didn't that restaurant change names? Do you remember that building? I think there's a new store on the corner.
But coming north, to our tiny berg of Refuge Cove (with all of 17 people here at the moment), changes are a blatant force. They don't happen often, but when they do, everyone notices.
For me, each springtime return has a different feel to it. Last year it was a social thing....different dynamics cast an uncomfortable aura on the place and I felt disconnected for a few weeks. With the tourist season bringing hundreds of visitors, that feeling didn't last long. But this year, its the change of our environment. Mother Nature seems really pissed! Our arrival day of May 1st was dry to the bone, with the ground underfoot crunching along as I climbed the path to our home. My lovely garden was parched, flattened low to the ground from heavy snowfalls, and now, no water. My house was happily NOT littered with mouse poop, but did have a resident group of winged ants living in the roof. Water, typically dancing down the hillside creek, trickled along midst frequent "dock talk" of water shortages and fire danger. There are closures for rockfish, once thought of as a lowly "bottom fish" but now protected because of diminishing supply.
Now, a week later, we've had some rain, our water tank has been filled, and we've caught prawns rather than fish. We'll survive and life goes on. But the feeling that Mother Nature is one amazing and powerful spirit is lingering in my heart these days, and I certainly wish we all could figure out how to turn the tide for our planet....or at the very least, not piss her off anymore.

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