Thursday, April 2, 2009


My friend Mary, a.k.a. Mary Orange, brought over her recent aquisition of traditional shirts purchased at an open air market that was in town for the month of February. We believe the shirts were made in either Oaxaca or Chiapas as the work is so representative of other beautiful work we have seen from those areas.

I love these shirts! Unfortunately they can begin to unravel before you want them to. I recommend checking out the seams at purchase time and reinforcing if need be. It's called preventative care!

I just noticed that each of these shirts has orange in it...Mary loves orange, thus her name which helps my husband remember her. She recently dyed up a batch of osnaburg cloth pieces in all deep and beautiful earth shades....oranges, rusts, red, maroons, browns, golds, olives, violets. She is going to make a shade cloth for an area in her northern home...can't wait to see it!

Thanks for sharing your fantastic finds, Mary!

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