Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The theme chosen for February's quilt journal was "page 63"... finding meaning or inspiration in the written word and putting it to fabric.

It has been a busy winter for me here in Mazatlan....I have found a sufficient amount of interest in my dyeing classes to keep me more than busy and I am also trying to produce a few pieces each month. Then there's social life, exercise (okay, I admit not much of that these days...but tomorrow, yes!), cooking, and of course, my husband, who I've been consistently "kickin' ass" in our nightly crib games. That said, my book choices for "page 63" were met with slim even being my spanish-english dictionary! BUT I opted for p. 63 in my North American bird book where the red-breasted merganser jumped out and said "make me!" So I did!
My last class was yesterday and I just used up the last of my white cotton that I bring with me, so now I hope to get back to a good book or two before I leave at the end of April (along with two more themes!). I have to say, I love my quilt journal. It is now up to 7 pages and certainly worthy of coffee table browsing. Thanks again for organizing, Barb!

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