Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Another season has come to a close and in this case we finished and topped it off with an eager duo from Toronto who came for dyeing info, practice and fun! Rosemary and Cheryl were energetic and enthusiastic and I believe they'll be carrying their new craft with them up to fellow guild members and sharing the wealth!

Typically I am gloved up and either in demo or washing mode, so don't take the time for photos. Rosemary took notes and photographed EVERYTHING and I so love to have that systematic mode going on in my classes. She and Cheryl even studied our original processes, along with a book I lent them, and came back for a day of practice on their own. They are on their way to becoming successful dyers!

Here is a soft parfait of Cheryl's that she gently agitated in a jar. Just a gentle turn to get those pastels flowing and mixing...but not too much!

And our "filter wraps" emerged unique and beautiful and full of light! They are always such a joy to unwrap and wash!

I always give a disclaimer when I show traditional tie-dye with rubber bands...images from the 60's may pop in your head...but oh, how beautiful they turn out. I have never had a disappointed customer. I love to cut out the lovely circles and use them for flowers!

And our palettes of color are the perfect foundation for the next project.

Rosemary and Cheryl are just two of the many happy dyers I've met this winter. What a great life I have along with such an interesting set of new friends.

AND I would be teaching, right up to the bitter end (departure for lands north is April 25th) but the cotton and black dye is totally GONE! Oh well, I guess it's time to replenish....materials, the spirit, ideas, etc., and get back at it next December.

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