Wednesday, October 7, 2015


What is it about this piece that fits with the theme "All Dressed Up"? Look closely.
It's been ages since I've participated in my Cyber Fibres quilt journal group. This theme has been brewing in my brain for awhile, waiting for the perfect time to execute. The time arrived this week.
I had a much more complicated piece planned, but when I fused the first eight pieces that filled in the mandala form, I knew it was time to UNcomplicate. Less is more right?
I knew "buttonizing" was going to finish it off. I played with black buttons and white, and white won out...they popped more. 
In my world, buttonizing IS a word. It's definitely a verb and it's what I do a lot of. 
Now if you're still wondering about the theme, just look carefully at the black shapes and it will come to you.

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