Wednesday, July 16, 2014


If I had a dinner party for four, these placemats, although not exactly matching, might grace my table. I created them last week with the thoughts of teaching a class on discharging.
AND I also used them to fit a theme (carbonated) for my quilt journal group, Cyber Fibres. Here's what I shared with my group this week:

It’s the height of summer and I am feeling remiss at not participating in my QJ group for a while. But I have been working on projects, and want to share, so found a way to tie them in…

I believe that one day, someday, a CARBONATED drink will sit on these placemats.
I have been preparing for a class that gives participants a chance to explore discharging along with closed line stitching, so have come up with this placemat project.
First I made the one with the trees on the sides and then proceeded to the three with full place settings.

“Buen Provecho” is Spanish for “enjoy your meal” and this piece was discharged with Soft Scrub with bleach.  I think my favorite beer, Negra Modelo, will accompany a meal sometime.

“Expect a Miracle” goes along with a story about my aunt and uncle whose son, Joey, ran away from home at the age of 17 or 18, and they never saw him again. (It was the Vietnam era.) Aunt Dickie was full of faith and ALWAYS set a place for him at the table, even a decade later, and her reasoning was to always “expect a miracle”. Maybe a glass of champagne would be a part of this meal with the thought of him returning. I discharged this with Jacquard’s discharge paste.

“Marina May” is for a young girl in our community who is super sweet and super smart (age 3) and I wanted to make her something special. I think this would be a great project to help young children learn about setting a table (or any age!). Maybe this is something that our generation cares about and the younger ones could care less about?  Regardless, I hope she uses it. I discharged this with Decolourant.  (I find it odd that this product is made in the US and is spelled as it is.) Perhaps there will be a “Shirley Temple” or the like (now doesn’t that age me?) to accompany a special occasion.
So, how do you like how I morphed these projects into CARBONATED?
All placemats are approximately 17”x12”.
I used a flash, which I really didn’t want to do, but wasn’t willing to wait for better light…

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