Thursday, June 19, 2014


Yes, they are. I have been in a patterning and discharging mode lately, and lots of it. My palette is a rectangle about 12"x18"- a perfect size for me to play around on. After I finish the discharging, I sew it into a small shoulder bag. I've just finished a group of eight, just in time for me to take a welcomed break to Quadra Island's Quilt and Garden Tour this weekend. I'll be sitting in a garden with my "Signs of Life" collection.
Plus, I'll be staying with my friend Barb in Campbell River who is also keen on quilting and a fellow Cyber Fibre member. It should be a fantastic weekend, plus I'll get to see some amazing gardens.

Back to the purses. Here are some leafy ones.

Here are some lacy ones. I think they are my favorites.

Here are geometric patterns,

And here are some hand painted salmon on these two bags.

Now I am off to myself!

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