Wednesday, February 12, 2014


At the end of my quiet, dead end (calle cerrada) street (calle Nicaragua) is our home and my studio. Perhaps you wandered down last Friday night for Mazatlan's monthly Artwalk. If so, you were welcomed at the door by my homemade sign.
Hanging from a rather makeshift clothesline stretched across our entrance/living area were the first of my small journal quilts in my Signs of Life project.

The rest were displayed in my studio on two large boards, along with other works. 

You had your favorite, didn't you? You wanted to buy one, but I just couldn't bear to split up this collection. Perhaps it was the Seahawks one, made for my son Ben. Oh, those Seahawks, they always get lots of attention, even on a little quilt!

Or perhaps "B-15" was a favorite of's one of mine too!

I hope you had a chance to enjoy a glass of wine or jamaica water in my patio.

As much as you enjoyed my display, you weren't able to read all the stories that went along with these pieces. That's what makes them extra special! I have just made my Signs of Life book public on and you can preview the WHOLE book there. You can read EVERY STORY! Do it, you'll love it!
And thanks so much for stopping by last week! I hope to see you next month.
Grateful every day! Mary

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