Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'M BACK....

It's so great to be back in Mazatlan. We are busy with getting our house clean and in order after our eight months of being away. I am getting reaquainted with some of my old pieces  that mean so much to me.

 I am setting up my sewing station and dreaming of creating again. Of course!!!

And best of all, I am seeing old friends, both gringos/expats and locals alike and feeling such warmth of spirit. It's like I never left. This morning was my first visit with the sewing ladies and they are still going strong. The cruise ships are returnung to Mazatlan, just a few for now, but their return is HUGE! Hopefully sales will be up.
Another winter lies ahead...I wonder what will be in store for me??

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cjcscapes.victoria.bc.canada said...

Hola Mary ! Wonderful to visit your blog. I love the building collage you made. I am contemplating of coming to see you for a few days then travel ling down to Sayulita.
When is a time good for you and do you have space for me or do i need a hotel? Happy New Year !