Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I was dying to try this...Terry, one of my Cyber Fibres friends, posted a piece she had covered with a poly sheer and then proceeded to burn/melt  it. I couldn't stop looking at it - it was so intriguing and interesting.
I wanted to do a quick and dirty trial run, just to get the hang of it. I made a 3-layer sandwich (sounds like lunch time) of cotton, batting, and 3 scraps on the top. It looked like this:

Next I put a piece of black sheer poly on the top and proceeded to free motion over it with white COTTON thread. (Cotton is the important part!)  Looking good, isn't it?

At this point I needed to burn/melt it but didn't have a means to do that, so when I was at Cynthia's for dyeing on Monday, I borrowed her heat gun. I took this outside and blasted it with heat and watched the poly melt away. I was recognizing similarities to that amazing image that Terry had sent me.

I don't particularly like the part on the left, as the underlying values are too different but I love the part on the right. It's really not my thing to do something like this but I who knows? I might find a way to incorporate this in my work.
BUT, here is something, a surprising final step, that I think is really great! When I brought the burned piece in to show my dyeing friends, Jill suggested  that I print it. I had some charcoal gray print paste already mixed up, so rolled it on and then laid soda-ashed cotton on top for a print. (I used a large PVC pipe to roll over it.) Here is the result.

The stitch lines even show up. I wish I would have used a darker print medium, but hey, we've just begun. I think there will be more of these to come.

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