Friday, June 28, 2013


Not three FULL days of dyeing. Just a simple dye job every day for three days. Three days of dyeing.

I finally set up my studio. It's a converted woodshed with a great sink area and large work space. Just spending about 20 minutes in the studio for a wee tiny bit of dyeing felt great! Three days of dyeing. Here's how they went:
Day #1

On all of the three days, I was overdyeing. I began with rather uninteresting pieces from days past. I mixed up one cup of "new black". On Day #1, the original pieces were pastels. I soaked them in soda ash, formed folds into them as they set on a large try (establishing hills and valleys), and poured black in the tray to soak up into the folds. The orangey piece on the right was wound around a wine bottle, then squeezed down and placed into the black dye.

I just dyed one piece on Day #2.  This is part of a larger piece (20"x30'). The full piece looks like a storm at sea. A real storm at sea, NOT the quilt block. I promise to show it in its entirety on another blog. It's very nice, but the section I am showing above is my favorite part of it. It started out as a blue/gray ice-dye.

Below are three results from Day #3. Each piece was folded and clamped in multiple spots, then dipped into the black dye.
I am happy with all my new pieces!


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