Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Lately I've been in a tie dye phase. I have two young women on my street who are expecting babies, and because that is my standard baby gift here, I made a few baby rompers and just kept on going. Being the holiday season, I found a few recipients for more shirts, and one for me too. And then I needed a tablecloth for my new patio table. Tie dye is wonderful for babies and tablecloths because it hides all the stains. I think that's good for me too!
I'm having trouble uploading photos tonight so I guess I'll stop here. Other recipients are the orange juice guy on the corner (great little orange orbs on a blue background!), my zumba teacher and two soon to be born babies! And let's not forget the panties Rachel dyed last week...we called them her power undies!Maybe I'll get my photo selector back soon!

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