Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Fellow Cyber Fibre member, Barb, provided us with the theme of "shadow and light" to represent in one or more of our 2012 journal quilts.
I cringed when I heard the theme, as I instantly felt pressure to be artistic.But I figured out how to get out of this one easy.

Many hand-dyes appear to have shadow and light elements going on in them, particularly when using the "parfait" method (color #1 then soda ash, color#2 then soda ash, etc.) In this case, I froze my dyes and soda ash into ice cubes and let them melt together, producing some interesting effects.
I picked out 2 of the 12+ that I produced last month (see earlier blogpost). I liked the light elements going through them, along with the darkened areas as contrast. I prepared them into  a quilted sandwich and told myself I would get back to them after my summer company left.

First stage of summer company left Sunday and I couldn't wait to sit down and sew. This was especially so because I ran into Terry on Sunday on Quadra then later that night received her journal quilt :Finding Perfection in the Imperdection"...I was super inspired and excited to sit down Monday for 2-3 hours and just play with free motion on these. I started with the brighter one first, then proceeded to the muted one. There's so much to consider...not just the pattern, but the thread color and its contrast or blending with the background. I tried not to overhink this, but rather I just had fun with it.
Shown here are befores and afters.

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