Monday, May 28, 2012


Gardening, boating, hiking, and general mucking around are the definers for what I wear each day in Refuge Cove. It all boils down to my favorite pair of jeans, those well-worn, easy fit, perfectly frayed jeans. And what should happen during an on-my-knees weeding fest last week? That’s right, a blow out, a left knee blow out. Coincidentally it also happened that Tom’s jeans had a similar problem, so I set to work patching. My first step was to open up the legs to get a nice flat surface to work on, then apply a piece of jean fabric to the back, securing it with a wide zig-zag. On the front side, I free-motioned over the rip and continued with loops and swirls to bond the fabrics together. With mine I got fancy, also securing the other knee which hadn’t given way yet, but was showing sure signs of splitting. They truly are my favorite jeans now!

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