Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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I've been thinking about my upcoming class at the Hands Across the Water (HAW) event this coming October. My guild (Quadra Island Quilters) is hosting this annual gathering where five Vancouver Island guilds come together for a day of fun, food and sharing. Quadra likes to combine classes when being the host guild, not only because everyone loves quilting or fiber art classes, but also because Quadra is so beautiful and we want everyone to come and enjoy it for as long as possible. I proposed to teach a class on all the ins and outs of discharging, and yesterday a small group of fiber-loving friends joined me for a trial run of the class. Will the 6 hours be enough time to get everything done? What kind of glitches will we encounter? How long will it take to piece the backing? Will the free-motion quilting bog people down? My group of four included one experienced free-motioner, two with some experience, and one novice.
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I demonstrated the steps of the project: piecing, designing the area to be discharged, layout, sewing, and discharging. All went relatively well and there was only one machine that was tempermental, so I switched this friend to my trusty old Bernina. It wasn't long before they were all involved in their own creative worlds and processes. The wheels were turning. Before I knew it, the sewing was done, and they were on to discharging.
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The finished projects were amazing - all unique and personal, each with its own flair.  My students were happy with the results and were amazed with the discharge process, just as I am each time I do it. The glitches were few, and now I can just focus on some of the small details before the October class. I love successes!
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