Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am so excited to be traveling to Oaxaca next month. Oaxaca is fiber-central and alive with dyers, weavers and the like...a virtual fiber feast. It also is bursting with other traditional arts and crafts of Mexico which I know will be the source of much inspiration.

Once a year I make a "women's trip" to a Mexican destination. The past few years, we have gone to the Guadalajara area for shopping, exploration, and good fun, but this year a few of us had Oaxaca on the brain. Airfare was amazingly cheap so a date was set and word went out among the ranks. We future travelers are now up to about nine and all are doing a little bit of research to share with the group so we can make the most of our time there.

I love to visit Nancy Crow's website to see what new pieces she has up her sleeve, what's going on at her barn, and trips she has planned (fantasy land for me!). I remembered seeing a Oaxaca trip advertised so I clicked to see what her trip included. In the accompanying photos, there was a wonderful shot of a local market scene, with the foreground devoted to the colorful signs of fruit for sale. I instantly knew I wanted to reproduce that simple shot (minus the stands in the background). Black fabric and some medium-value colors skew-cut for signs were where I stitched in the names of local fruits we have here in Mazatlan. My signature bleaching pulled out the color in the words, buttons added and the whole piece trimmed. Simple and fun! With all the time in the world, I would find myself at the quilter's vegie stand, meat market, taco stand, ice cream stand, cheese mart, etc.

For now, more research is on my list and dreaming of new inspirations.

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