Friday, August 1, 2008


Ode to Summer Sun

Going going gone...
the horizon line,

day's end,

or seasonal changes.

Life giving

or energy sapping.

Shining with anticipation

or heavy

with unrelenting heat.

The steadfast light of

hide and seek

or shadowplay

reminds me of life's circle.

Silent orb now casting new light

on my break of day.

Happy August and welcome to my First Friday Webwalk...honoring none other than our faithful sun! Here in Desolation Sound, we haven't seen it for a few days (lots of rain!), but today it is peeking out and the forecast is for brilliant skies.

You would think that after so many days, months, and years of saying, "where'd July go?", "where'd 2007 go?", or back in working days, "where'd the weekend go?", that I'd finally figure out the answer to these questions. But I continually verbalize these queries TIME after TIME, perhaps thinking that THE answer will miraculously come to me or to someone else who will share the truth I constantly seek. The simple answer: it's GONE, OVER, DONE! The garden's beauty has peaked. The morning light is later to arrive. The squirrel's are beginning their seasonal pre-gathering chatter. The hummingbirds are disappearing from the perches I have left for them.

As it comes, it goes. Steady and true. Same but different.
A new day. A new opportunity. A new inspiration.

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